User priority for Round Robin mode

When you have work teams in rotational or Round Robin mode and you have assigned several users to the same event, you can set the user priority to set the preference to the team members assigned to the event and the online booking of the customers is assigned to the user who has the highest priority.

Setting user priority for team members is easy.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Calendars" option:

Calendar with several events

Locate the event that has the type of work team in Round Robin mode. Click on the event name.

In the horizontal menu all the configuration options for each event will be displayed.

Click on the "Assignment" block:

Event with Round Robin mode and users


It is necessary to establish the priority for each member of the team.

  In the user click on "Priority":

User priority

Choose the one that corresponds to each user member of the work team:

User priorityThe options range from no priority "None" to the highest priority level "Ultra"

All users can have the same priority and the system will choose the most appropriate one in each case. If users have different priorities, the one that is available and has the highest priority will be chosen.

  In our case we have set the following priority:

Assigned users with different priorities

  • Round I has "Ultra" priority.
  • Round II has "Low" priority.

This means that if both users are available to attend to a reservation, the booking will be assigned to Round I.