Integrate Microsoft Teams with TuCalendi

If you are a Microsoft 365 user and use Microsoft Teams for your virtual meetings, you can integrate Microsoft Teams with TuCalendi. In this way, from the TuCalendi online calendar, the entire procedure of booking meetings or virtual appointments, online consultations or any virtual event that you organize will be completely automated. 

IMPORTANT: In order to integrate TuCalendi with Microsoft Teams, a Microsoft 365 Business account is required.

We have prepared a very simple process for the integration between TuCalendi and Microsoft Teams.

Log in TuCalendi with username and password. Go to the "Integrations" option:


Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Select the "Microsoft Teams" option:

Integrate Microsoft Teams with TuCalendi

Click on "Connect" and you will be taken to the Microsoft checkout page.

First enter your Microsoft 365 user

Microsoft 365 user name 

You must enter the ID associated with your custom domain.

 Once Microsoft has verified that the user exists you must enter the password.

Microsoft 365 passwordClick "Sign in" to proceed to the acceptance of the integration permissions between Microsoft Teams and TuCalendi.

Microsoft Teams consents

Appload Solutions, S.L. is the owner, developer of TuCalendi and a verified Microsoft Partner.

Check the box "Consent on behalf of the organization", click "Accept" and the integration between Microsoft Teams and TuCalendi is done.

Revoking the Microsoft Teams integration

At any time, if you decide not to continue with the integration between Microsoft Teams and TuCalendi you can revoke the permissions.

Revoke Microsft Teams integrationsTo do this, simply click on "Revoke"

IMPORTANT: When you have made the integration between Microsoft Teams and TuCalendi you must connect the events that you want to have the possibility of virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams.